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Welcome Assoc. Prof. Khaled Harby Mohamed from Minia University, Egypt to be committee member!


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Assoc. Prof. Khaled Harby Mohamed, Minia University, Egypt

Research Area:

Desalination and water resource; Refrigeration and air conditioning; Energy efficiency and management; Thermo-fluid engineering; Energy applications and management; Heat and mass transfer

Research Experience:

Reviewer in many journals such as:
 Reviewer for the Applied energy (Impact Factor, IF= 7.9), since 2015.
 Reviewer for the Applied thermal engineering (IF= 3.771), since 2016.
 Reviewer for the International journal of refrigeration (IF= 3.233), since 2015.
 Reviewer for the Renewable and sustainable energy reviews (IF= 9.184), since 2017.
 Reviewer for the Sustainable cities and society (IF= 3.073), since 2015.
  Reviewer for the Journal of power technology (IF= 0.32), since 2015.
 Technical Program Committee in the International Conference on Energy and
Mechanical Engineering, EME2017, Chengdu, China, 17 th -19 th , November, 2017.
 Certificates of outstanding reviewing in recognition of the contribution made to the quality of many journals from Elsevier.

Visiting  Professor
 Polytechnic University of Valencia, Institute for Energy Engineering (IIE), Spain, in the period from 15/02/2016 to 15/08/2016.
 Polytechnic University of Madrid, Higher Technical School of Aeronautical Engineers a(ETSIA), Spain.