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Welcome Distinguished Pro.Kuang Jung Tsai from Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan to be committee member!


Distinguished Pro.Kuang Jung Tsai,  Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

Research Area:

Soil & Water Conservation Engineering Disaster, Prevention & Hazard Mitigation Geotechnical Engineering, Soil physics & Mechanics

Research Experience:


1)As a Professor & Department Head of civil engineering department,

2)Director of disaster prevention center, and Dean of student affairs in National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan ROC. Most of research programs have concentrated on environmental geology disaster prevention and hazard mitigation

3)soil & water conservation,

4)landslide treatment and slope stabilization.


As a Director General of Agriculture Bureau to be in charge of soil and water conservation planning projects , agricultural productions and sediment control, multiple sediment disaster risk assessments.

Debris flow control and large scale landslide stabilization in New Taipei City government.


As a Distinguished Chair Professor of land development and management department at Chang Chang Christian University to conduct several integrated national base projects regrading to the sediment-related compound disasters which were founded by Minister of Science and Technology, Taiwan ROC.