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2018-03-16 14:08  

Dr.Yanru Fang from China Agricultural University,China

Research Area:
Sustainable Energy

Research Experience:
1. Fang, Y.R., Liu, J.A., Steinberger, Y., Xie, G.H., 2018. Energy use efficiency and economic feasibility of Jerusalem artichoke production on arid and coastal saline lands. Industrial Crops and Products. 117, 131-139.
2. Fang, Y.R., Liao, S.H., Wang, L.F., Ren, L.T., Xie, G.H., 2014. Model establishment and cost analysis on wheat straw logistic system. J. China Agric. Univ. 19, 28–35 (in Chinese with English abstract).
3. Zhao, J., Zheng, Z.F., Fang, Y.R., Zhou, S.L., Liao, S.H., Wang, P., 2013. Effect of Dry Matter Accumulation Characteristics on Yield of Winter Wheat Analyzed by Dynamic Simulation Model. Acta Agronomic Sinica. 39(2), 300-308 (in Chinese with English abstract).