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2018-03-06 15:23  

Prof.Himanshu Narayan from National University of Lesotho ,Lesotho

Research Area:
Materials Science, Nanotechnology

Research Experience:
Prof. Himanshu Narayan is Associate Professor (Physics) and current Head of the Department of Physics & Electronics at NUL. He is a Materials Scientist working in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. For last more than ten years, he has been involved in multi-disciplinary research with nano-sized titanium-oxide based photocatalysts for wastewater treatment under sunlight. More recently, his group has also synthesized other nanomaterials for modification of electrodes.
Prof. Narayan finished his PhD from GB Pant University, India in 2000. He had received a UFUP (University Grants Commission Funded University Projects) fellowship for his doctoral investigations on the structural modifications in solids subjected to swift heavy-ions irradiation. The work was primarily carried out at Nuclear Science Centre (now Inter-University Accelerator Centre), New Delhi. After PhD, he joined the Superconductivity Group at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi with a Senior Research Associateship awarded by Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India.