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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers of ICEMEE2018

Prof.Mohamed M H Mostafa,Central University of Technology,South Africa
Prof.Mohamed M H Mostafa's main area of expertise lies in the field of civil engineering with interest in sustainable roads and transportation. I am very interested in applications related to environmental aspects and characterisation of flexible pavement materials, with special reference to bituminous materials. Environmental aspects research includes incorporation of recycled and/or waste materials in civil engineering applications with special interest in pavement. Bituminous materials work is divided into bituminous binders and binder-aggregate mixtures. In the binder characterisation area, expertise has been gained in the use of Rheology to depict binder behaviour over a range of temperatures and applied loading conditions. Binder aggregate mixture work has focused on the use of fundamental techniques to study the two main distress modes of bituminous materials, namely permanent deformation and fatigue cracking.

Prof.Samo Kralj,University of Maribor,Slovenia
Prof.Samo Kralj's main area of expertise lies in Soft matter physics, topological defects, phase transitions, surface phenomena, physics of disorder, biophysics, physics on nanoparticles. 
So far, he has published around 150 papers, 2500 citations, 25 invited lectures and one plenary lecture.   
In addition, prof.Samo Kraljhe is the principal leader of about 20 bilateral projects (with Russia, Italy, USA, France, Romania,Austria, Poland) and as main organizer and general chair of the 11th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, 6-11 February, 2011.

Keynote Speakers of ICEMEE2017

Prof.Dr.Jinlong Zhang, East China University of Science and Technology, China
Prof.Dr.Jinlong Zhang’s research interest and expertise lie in nanomaterials and nanotechnology. His research interests have been focusing on the synthesis, processing, characterization, and physical properties of carbon nanostructures, carbon nanotube nanocomposites, and applications of carbon nanostructures in energy conversion and storage devices. His recent research focuses on the controllable synthesis of macroscale nanotube architectures with 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensions; physical, chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical property characterizations of nanotubes; and energy storage device applications. Dr. Wei has made an outstanding achievement in carbon nanotube research and published 250 papers in refereed international journals, including Nature and Science, and delivered 170 plus invited talks and seminars in academia and industry worldwide. His research work has been cited more than 14000 times by peer scientists with the h-index of 60 and has also been highlighted many times in scientific journals, web journals, and public media.

Prof.Avi Friedman, McGill University, Canada
Dr. Friedman’s research interests focus on factors which influence the design and implementation of affordable and sustainable building practices at the unit and community levels, including market acceptance, construction, and resource efficiency. He is the recipient of the Progressive Architecture Research Award, the J.-Armand-Bombardier Prize for Technological Innovation, and the Manning Innovation Award of Distinction.

Professor Sivakumar Manickam (Siva) is a Chemical Engineer specializing Process Engineering of Nanomaterials especially Nanopharmaceuticals. He is working in the area of Ultrasound and Hydrodynamic Cavitation since 1997. He is working with University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus and his research group concentrates on the process development of cavitation based reactors towards technologically important nanomaterials. He is also Associate Dean of Research and Knowledge Transfer and is the Director of the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. He was also the recipient of JSPS fellowship, Japan. He has published ~200 peer reviewed journal and conference papers. He is the Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK) and member of Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN).